Sustainable Land Management (SLM)
TerrAfrica : a fresh start
dimanche 22 septembre 2013, par Florent Tiassou

Delegates from TerrAfrica, The World Bank, the Global Fund for Environment, the African Union, representatives of Civil Societies’ Organizations and many other international institutions have attended the 12th TerrAfrica Executive Committee on Sunday in Windhoek, Namibia.

The meeting aimed at assessing results from the TerrAfrica platform’s activities, thinking on its status, funding and expansion as well as making recommendations for the platform’s future activities.
Many recommendations were made during the sessions such as a replenishment of the TerrAfrica Leverage Fund, meant at making direct investments in a flexible and cost effective way in predefined areas.
Donors have also been urged to provide resources for investment. It has also been suggested that TerrAfrica Leverage Fund be opened to technical partners.
A stronger representation of African countries in TerrAfrica’s Executive Committee has also been recommended and a call was made into following up the platform’s commitments to creating wider coalitions at a country level, with representation by CSOs, farmers’ organizations, the research community and marketing agents, including the private sector.
The installation of national Sustainable Land management coalitions have also been envisioned through a process in which already installed coalitions will share knowledge and experience with the new ones.
Any Sub-Saharan country is invited to join the TerrAfrica platform, which already counts 25 member countries.